The Conferences

The conference web sites and proceedings are available as below.

Topics of interest

The major topics of the conference have included

  • Issues around Implementations of Data Mining Algorithms
  • Data mining methods and algorithms
  • Integrating data sets
  • High performance computing and data mining
  • Infrastructure for data mining
  • Health Data Mining
  • Financial data mining
  • Spatial and temporal data mining
  • Multimedia and web data mining
  • Data mining in design computing
  • Data mining in e-Business environments and virtual communities
  • Network and process mining
  • Real world applications and case studies - lessons and experiences
  • Data mining in Bioinformatics
  • Visualisation techniques for Visual Data Mining
  • Integrating domain knowledge
  • Embeded data mining technologies
  • Research and professional challenges in Data Mining
  • Data mining techniques in qualitative research
  • Data cleaning and data linking

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