The Conferences

The conference web sites are available as below. See the Publications link to the left for the proceedings of each conference.

Topics of interest

The major topics of the conference have included

  • Issues around Implementations of Data Mining Algorithms
  • Data mining methods and algorithms
  • Integrating data sets
  • High performance computing and data mining
  • Infrastructure for data mining
  • Health Data Mining
  • Financial data mining
  • Spatial and temporal data mining
  • Multimedia and web data mining
  • Data mining in design computing
  • Data mining in e-Business environments and virtual communities
  • Network and process mining
  • Real world applications and case studies - lessons and experiences
  • Data mining in Bioinformatics
  • Visualisation techniques for Visual Data Mining
  • Integrating domain knowledge
  • Embeded data mining technologies
  • Research and professional challenges in Data Mining
  • Data mining techniques in qualitative research
  • Data cleaning and data linking

Further information from the AusDM Steering Committee via sc@ausdm.org.