The Australasian Data Mining Conference: AusDM 2007

Gold Coast, December 2007

Co-Hosted with the Twentieth Australian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence and held in conjunction with the 2nd International Workshop on Integrating AI and Data Mining 2007.

The Australasian Data Mining Conference is devoted to the art and science of intelligent data mining: the meaningful analysis of (usually large) data sets to discover relationships and present the data in novel ways that are compact, comprehendible and useful for researchers and practitioners.

This conference will bring together from the Data Mining and Business Analytics community researchers and practitioners to share and learn of research and progress in the local context and new breakthroughs in data mining algorithms and their applications.

The conference proceedings will be published under the Conferences in Research and Practice in Information Technology series for distribution at the conference with a followup book to be published by Springer as part of the LNAI series, similar to the previous collected volume.

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Further information from Peter Christen, Paul Kennedy, Jiuyong (John) Li, or Richi Nayak.