The Australasian Data Mining Conference

AusDM 2020 will be held in Canberra in December, hosted together with the IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence. Visit the website: ausdm20.ausdm.org

The Australasian Data Mining Conference is devoted to the art and science of intelligent data mining: the meaningful analysis of (usually large) data sets to discover relationships and present the data in novel ways that are compact, comprehendible and useful for researchers and practitioners.

The conference series has brings together Data Mining researchers and Data Science practitioners to share and learn of research and progress in the local context and to hear of new breakthroughs in data mining algorithms and their applications.

The conference has developed as the premier venue for post graduate students in data mining and data science to come together each year to present their research, to network with other students and researchers, and to showcase their ideas with industry. To support attendance the steering committee manages a financial award for students. Please contact the awards committee for details.

The Conference series began in 2002 as a Workshop and has grown each year. The series was initiated by Dr Simeon Simoff (Associate Professor, Universitry of Technology, Sydney), Dr Graham Williams (Principal Data Miner, Australian Taxation Office, and Adjunct Professor, University of Canberra), and Dr Markus Hegland (Australian National University). It continues today with Drs Simoff and Williams chairing the steering committee.

The annual conference is generally held in November or December each year.

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Further information from the AusDM Steering Committee via sc@ausdm.org.