Accepted Papers

Research Track:

Authors Paper
Tahereh Pourhabibi, Yee Ling Boo, Kok-Leong Ong, Booi Kam and Xiuzhen Zhang Behavioral Analysis of Users for Spammer Detection in a Multiplex Social Network
Francisco De Assis Rodrigues Dos Anjos, Jadson Castro Gertrudes, Ricardo José Gabrielli Barreto Campello and Joerg Sander A Modularity-Based Measure for Cluster Selection from Clustering Hierarchies
Yijun Quan, Xufeng Lin and Chang-Tsun Li Provenance Analysis for Instagram Photos
Sanaz Nikfalazar, Chung-Hsing Yeh, Susan Bedingfield and Hadi Akbarzadeh Khorshidi A Hybrid Missing Data Imputation Method for Constructing City Mobility Indices
Aisha Albqmi, Yuefeng Li and Yue Xu Multiple Support Vector Machines for Binary Text Classification based on Sliding Window Technique
Hendi Lie, Darren Lukas and Richi Nayak A Novel Learning-to-Rank Method for Automated Camera Movement Control in E-Sports Spectating
Sattar Seifollahi, Massimo Piccardi, Ehsan Zare Borzeshi and Bernie Kruger Taxonomy-augmented features for document clustering
Mohammad Sultan Mahmud, Xianghua Fu, Joshua Zhexue Huang and Md Abdul Masud High-Dimensional Limited-Sample Biomedical Data Classification using Variational Autoencoder
Lily He A knowledge mapping analysis: the information science domain of information ecology research between 1987 and 2017
Areej Alsini, Amitava Datta, Du Huynh and Jianxin Li Community Aware Personalized Hashtag Recommendation in Social Networks
Toufique Ahmed Soomro, Junbin Gao, Zheng Lihong, Ahmed J. Afifi, Shafiullah Soomro and Manoranjan Paul Retinal Blood Vessels Extraction of Challenging Images
Yihan Guo, Shan Lin, Xiao Ma, Jay Bal and Chang-Tsun Li Homogeneous Feature Transfer and Heterogeneous Location Fine-tuning for Cross-City Property Appraisal Framework
Bin Liang and Lihong Zheng Sequential Deep Learning for Action Recognition with Synthetic Multi-View Data from Depth Maps
Ikram Ul Haq, Iqbal Gondal, Peter Vamplew and Simon Brown Categorical Features Transformation with Compact One-hot Encoder for Fraud Detection in Distributed Environment
Sirintra Vaiwsri, Thilina Ranbaduge and Peter Christen Reference Values based Hardening for Bloom Filters based Privacy-Preserving Record Linkage
Hamilton Link, Samuel Richter, Vitus Leung, Randy Brost, Cindy Phillips and Andrea Staid Statistical Models of Dengue Fever
Yanfeng Shu, Stephen Hardy and Brian Thorne Canopy-based Private Blocking
Andrew Jones, Hien Nguyen and Geoffrey McLachlan Positive data kernel density estimation via the logKDE package for R
Ryan H.L. Ip The Role of Statistics Education in the Big Data Era
Darren Yates, Zahid Islam and Junbin Gao SPAARC: A Fast Decision Tree Algorithm
Ryoma Ohira, Md. Saiful Islam, Jun Jo and Bela Stantic LCS based Diversity Maintenance in Adaptive Genetic Algorithm
Rimmal Nadeem, X. Rosalind Wang and Caslon Chua Applying Data Mining Methods to Generate Formative Feedback in Team Projects
Md Abul Bashar, Richi Nayak, Nicolas Suzor and Bridget Weir Misogynistic Tweet Detection: Modelling CNN with Small Datasets

Application Track:

Authors Paper
Qiming Hu, Jie Yang, Khin Than Win and Xufeng Huang Machine Learning Predictionon Breast Cancer Patient Survivability: An Alternating Least Square Approach
Chao Sun, King Tao Ng, Philip Henville and Roman Marchant Hierarchical word mover distance for collaboration recommender system
Nasca Peng Combining Machine Learning and Statistical Disclosure Control to Promote Open Data
David Tse Jung Huang, Yun Sing Koh and Gillian Dobbie Interpreting Intermittent Bugs in Mozilla Applications using Change Angle
Darren Yates, Md Zahidul Islam and Junbin Gao Implementation and Performance Analysis of Data Mining Classification Algorithms on Smartphones
Hamish Huggard, Yun Sing Koh, Patricia Riddle and Gustavo Olivares Predicting Air Quality from Low-Cost Sensor Measurements
Ck Wee and Richi Nayak An approach to compress and represent time series data and its application in electric power utilities

Industry Showcase:

Authors Paper
Katherine Herbert and Ian Holder How learning analytics becomes a bridge for non-expert data miners: Impact on higher education online teaching
Warwick Graco, Stewart Turner, Hari Koesmarno and Tony Nolan Identification of Class Structure in Data (for oral presentation only)
Klaus Felshe and Warwick Graco Analytics and Ethics (for oral presentation only)
Tony Nolan, Emily Nolan, Warwick Graco, Stewart Turner, Garry Mitchell and Charles Palmer Potential of Photonic Computers (for oral presentation only)