AusDM04 Australasian Data Mining Conference

Accepted Papers
Building a Hierarchical Hidden Markov Model An application 
to health insurance data 
Ah Chung Tsoi, Shu Zhang, and Markus Hagenbuchner

The Scamseek Project  Text mining for Financial Scams on the Internet
Jon Patrick

A Probabilistic Geocoding System based on a National Address File 
Peter Christen, Tim Churches, and Alan Willmore

A Data Mining Approach to Analyze the Effect of Cognitive Style and 
Subjective Emotion on the Accuracy of Intuitive Time-Series Forecasting 
Hung Kook Park, Byoungho Song, Hyeon-Joong Yoo, Dae Woong Rhee, 
Kang Ryoung Park and Juno Chang

Mining Quantitative Association Rules in Protein Sequences
Nitin Gupta, Nitin Mangal, Kamal Tiwari, Pabitra Mitra

Data Mining Application in a Software Project Management Process 
Richi Nayak, Tian Qiu

Mining Mouclas Patterns and Jumping Mouclas Patterns 
to Construct Classifiers
Yalei Hao, Gerald Quirchmayr, Markus Stumptner

Informing the Curious Negotiator: Automatic News Extraction from 
the Internet 
Debbie Zhang, Simeon J. Simoff

Enhancing Generalised Linear Models with Data Mining
Inna Kolyshkina, Sylvia Wong, Steven Lim

K Nearest Neighbor Edition to Guide Classification Tree Learning 
J. M. Martinez-Otzeta, B. Sierra, E. Lazkano and A. Astigarraga

Decision Models for Record Linkage 
Lifang Gu and Rohan Baxter

Analysis of Structural Convergence of Consolidated Trees When Resampling
is Required
Jesus M Perez, Javier Muguerza, Olatz Arbelaitz, Ibai Gurrutxaga, 
Jose I. Martin

Mining X-Ray Images of SARS Patients 
XIE Xuanyang, LI Xi, XU Yufeng, WAN Shouhong, GONG Yuchang

Fuzzy Document Filter for the Internet
Deepani B Guruge and Russel J Stonier

A Multi-level Framework for the Analysis of Sequential Data 
Carl H. Mooney, Denise de Vries, John F. Roddick

Decision Theoretic Fusion Framework for Actionability Using Data Mining 
On an Embedded System 
Heungkyu Lee, Hanseok Ko

An Application of Time-Changing Feature Selection 
Yihao Zhang, Mehmet A. Orgun, Weiqiang Lin, and Warwick Graco

Efficiently Identifying Exploratory Rules' Significance
Shiying Huang and Geoffrey I. Webb

Exploratory Health Data Mining: Identifying Factors Associated with 
Colorectal Cancer 
Jie Chen, Hongxing He, Huidong Jin, Damien McAullay, Graham Williams,
Chris Kelman

Mining Optimal Item Packages using Mixed Integer Programming
N R Achuthan, Raj P. Gopalan, Amit Rudra

An evaluation of the utility of two data mining project methodologies 
Marcel van Rooyen